Elderberry Pedigree Limousins - Young Bulls, Semen, Embryos

Elderberry Limousins is a family run herd of Pedigree Limousin cattle, established in 2002 and based at Elder Farm in East Yorkshire, breeding limousin bulls for sale, and selling easy calving Limousin semen throughout the World. Pedigree limousin embryos also for sale.

Grahams Virtue and Elderberry Eragon image

Grahams Virtue with her Wildoge Vantastic sired bull calf Elderberry Eragon (see herd females).

This site includes details of semen available from our herd sire Milbrook Alistair who we purchased from Roscrea in Republic of Ireland 2007. Semen was taken at Cogent in December 2008 and is now for sale Worldwide and semen has already been sold to Australia, Northern Ireland and USA. He is exceptionally easy calving and is short gestation. Semen is available both sexed and conventional.

You can view our best female breeding lines at Elderberry, and see photographs of Progeny along with details of breeding etc. These pages will be kept up to date when further progeny are born and sold. Details of sales are also included in the news section. We will also be adding photographs of our embryo calves, to show what we are breeding by using embryo transfer.

Our pedigree limousin heifers are either retained in the herd as high health receipients for our embryo transfer programme or retained for breeding within the herd.
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Alistair Progeny