Embryo Calves

Embryo Calves born 2009
Elderberry Erin (dob. 16/02/2009) Rocky x Middledale Urge
embryo calf image
(photo taken 28/05/2009)
Erin image
(taken 25/11/09)
Erin is developing into a thick and extremely muscular heifer that should make an excellent breeding cow in time.

Elderberry Esme (dob. 11/04/2009) Samy x Middledale Urge
embryo calf by samy image
(photo taken 08/06/2009)

Elderberry Enya (dob. 06/04/2009) Ampertaine Abracadabra x Middledale Urge
elderberry enya
(photo taken 08/06/2009)
enya image
(taken 15/08/09)
Elderberry Enya was born very easily and low birth weight but within two weeks, she was displaying style, muscle and extreme thickness. She is growing into an outstandingly thick and muscley heifer, with a tremendous back and backend.
Photos to follow for
Elderberry Elsa (F) (Samy x Sherry Uricka)
Elderberry Eastyorkshireman (M) (Wilodge Vantastic x Sherry Uricka)
Elderberry Envoy (M) (Grahams Unbeatable x Grahams Amy)