buchete image

Buchette, winner of best cow and bull calf NELBC herd competition and dam of Eva, a significant female line in the herd.



buchette 2 image


diablesse image

The great Diablesse, by Highlander, mother of EBY/Galahad pictured as a first calver and still in 2024 a quality breeding cow.

diablesse young fb image

Diablesse by Highlander, as a maiden heifer 


evette adult image

Elderberry Evette. Milbrook Alistair x Goldies Terence

galaxie image


usse heifer fb image

Eline. Usse x Remix with heifer calf by Sympa (Harmonie, pictured below)



virginie fb image


v and b image



two cows fb image



harmonie fb image

Elderberry Harmonie. Sympa x Usse

harmonie 2 fb image

Elderberry Harmonie as a calf, now a great breeder and dam of some great bull breeding females.

Galahad head

Elderberry Galahad head

galahad fb image 

Galahad behind

Elderberry Galahad behind

galahad 2

Elderberry Galahad

Galahad 1

Elderberry Galahad



Fontaine, dam of some great breeding females in the herd.

eva image